Thursday, 28 July 2011

did you ever think of me as I thought...

I see the moon, when I was missing you
I'll miss you when I remember
The first time we met "below the front hall"

I longed to stare at your eyes
that often make me smile in itself
eyes always made me feel comfortable
how happy I was when you are by your side ...

at times I worry about separation
among us one day ...

there are times I wonder? are you happy with me?
if we split up? What will happen to me later ..?
my love on you do not want to know how to let out?
This feeling is difficult to express in words my heart ...

I planted a sense, you're just entrenched Heart ..
in my heart .. you're all I want to marry ..
if god loves our relations ... insha `Allah ..
I'm going to be a wife who can membahagiakanmu
in this world nor in the hereafter ..

did you ever think of me as I think?