Thursday, 28 July 2011

love me just for you! no one will replace my love on you ..

I might not be as pretty as you ever have before,but for sure I know keeping my dignity and my personality,I also do not know how to express what is hidden in the heart,sure I loved you with all my heart! when I broke up with you. my heart is feeling very bitter and not willing to say .. then you may be disappointed and will hate me.I screamed in my heart to say I love you. but are you getting away from me when you suffer saya.betapa do so may result in me .. I did was cruel, but I do not intend to direct your wounded heart. when we parted, I felt that I was extremely cruel and stupid .. too many things you taught me .. you give me joy, passion for life and fill the hearts ini.hati, I just love you! now you go back in my life! I will try to improve myself I. I do not want to lose you for the second time! you everything for me .. I'll never believe again about those jealous of our happiness ... I will always believe in you! love me just for you! no one will replace my love on you ..

you fill my heart with love you ...

I appreciate all the love that you gave to me! it means a lot to me ... ii LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!